Why Atomic?

Atomic Rods strives to give you a top performing product.  All of our products are CAD designed with the shooter in mind.  Made from 6061 Aluminum and precision cut to ensure a flawless product that will out perform the rest.. Guaranteed.

Sick of the same bland BLACK colors or the cheap looking sticker wrap, break away from the pack Atomic has what your looking for.  With 11 choices of anodized colors and 2 true woven carbon rods, you can have complete control of the look every shooter looks to achieve.

After years of testing and prototyping we at Atomic have developed a superior product to not only out perform the rest but to be the best.  Our carbon is made out of thick walled woven carbon fiber not your typical protruded carbon that you get from others.  Because of our patented internal dampening material you will feel considerably less vibration and your site picture will settle 25% faster.  So if you want to stay on target and feel the smoothness of perfection, buy Atomic products.

Why Shoot Atomic?  The proof is in the data.  Atomic uses cutting edge technology to bring you the information you need to make the right choice when choosing stabilizers.  Through the development of our multi use Atomic app* we our able to graph your shot in order to personalize your equipment to give you the best performance and the best products available on the market.  To the left you can see an example on one shooters site picture movement at 20 yards using no stabilizer.  The site picture had dramatic movement making it hard to have a consistent shot.  Continued recordings were conducted using our system to balance out length of stabilizers also weight till the optimal, personalized, setup was obtained.  No more guessing or advice, now you can see the data and see the improvement.





*patent pending