Atomic Rods Pro Staffer Reagan Bryan 

In Reagan Bryan's first few years in archery, she has numerous accomplishments and has quickly made a name for herself in not only competition archery, but in the hunting industry as well. 

   After back to back titles in NASP, Reagan made the switch to compound archery and picked up bowhunting. Her first hunting video went viral all over the world and inspired so many to give bowhunting a try and experience the same adrenaline and emotions that makes bowhunting so addictive!

   Bowtech Inc. quickly noticed this passion and drive of Reagan and signed her on as the youngest Bowtech Women's Ambassador at the early age of 12.

   Reagan has written numerous stories and how-to articles in magazines and has been featured on National television. Her love for the sport continues to grow and she thrives to be the best she can be and help promote archery and encourage people of all ages to give it a try and experience the addiction! 

  Check Her Out on YouTube

"Atomic Rods offer multiple lengths and colors allowing you to customize not only the perfect look, but the perfect feel of stability and excellence!"

                       ~Reagan Bryan

Atomic Pro Staff member Julie Guilfoyle taking 1st place at the Ohio state field shoot! Awesome shooting!


Pro Staff members Mark and Andrea Corbeil rocking it at the first leg of the OAA triple crown. 1st place for Andrea and 3rd place for Mark.


4 Atomic Rods Staff located in Denmark meet up for a shoot.


Pro staff member Mike Acosta won the Texas state championship in 3D using his Atomic Rods!


Congratulations to Pro Staff member Terry Weitstruk on her 1st place finish at the Georgia games!