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The Gamma Scan (patent pending) pairs a phone app with a proprietary light weight Bluetooth sensor. The sensor is mounted on the riser of the bow and pairs with the user’s phone using our Gamma Scan app. The app allows the shooter to enter data such as their name, stabilizer setup including front and back stabilizer length and even the amount of weight on each. Once this data is entered the shooter then shoots an arrow just like they normally would. During the aiming and shooting process the sensor is streaming movement data to the phone app. This data is graphed in real time and displayed on the phone screen. This graph represents the amount of sight pin movement. The larger the graph, the largest amount of movement which represents the least ideal stabilizer setup for that shooter. After the shot the shooter may change their stabilizer setup and shoot again. The app uses an algorithm to display the best 4 stabilizer setup combinations and displays them on the results screen.

Using Gamma Scan allows a shooter to see real world data and track progress while tuning their stabilizer setup.

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