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NOW available on both Android and iOS

Atomic Rod’s patented Gamma Scan is a modern-day tuning aid that combines a Bluetooth enabled light weight sensor with an easy to use android enabled device allowing the user to track the amount of movement or pin float while aiming their bow. This movement data is analyzed using our app to aid the user in selecting the very best shooting setup possible.

Easily placed on the riser of your bow, secured with a Velcro strap.

Real time graphing and data collection based on state-of-the art sensors.

Algorithms compare different shots as you make changes to your bow setup allowing you to track variations including changes to your draw weight, draw length, holding weight, stabilizer lengths, weights and more.

Customizable sensitivity settings for beginners, novice and advanced shooters.

User information, data and graphs are stored in the app for review again at a later date.

Easy to install, set-up and use.

Overall sensor dimensions are 1.8in X 1.3in X 0.5in. Weighs less than 1 ounce.

* Android/iOS device not included


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